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“The most successful and wealthiest investors I know consider themselves marketers first. They understand that to be successful in this business — in any business — and to make the most amount of money… you MUST continue to learn about marketing, and implement marketing that works.”
– Michael KimbleMichael Kimble Reviews 240x300 About Us

Michael Kimble is a marketing mastermind known for creating million-dollar

businesses and marketing Systems that run on auto-pilot. For more than two decades, the innovative entrepreneur has developed business models that have helped others emulate his high-level success in publishing, direct marketing, and online sales.

One of Michael’s most celebrated roles is that of “The REI Marketing Guy” and founder of The REI Marketing Club. He teaches Members of his Club proprietary marketing techniques that consistently fill the investors’ pipeline with highly motivated buyers and sellers, and a steady, reliable stream of income. They are the same techniques he uses himself each day.

Most recently, Michael developed the 90-Day Rapid-Success Money-Now Coaching Program to provide students with personal, one-on-one coaching and give them the tools and support they need to take their real estate businesses to the next level.

An active investor, Michael has acquired as many as 15 properties in a single month using his auto-pilot marketing Systems. On a recent whirlwind workshop/bus tour for investor buyers, Michael sold 17 of his houses in just two-and-a-half days. And he has, once again, developed success models and Systems that allow others to follow in his footsteps.

A Solid Foundation For Sales And Marketing…Michael Kimble began his career in face-to-face selling, achieving record-breaking sales results in the life insurance industry. His committed investigation of direct-response advertising and direct marketing began in 1991, when — even though he was earning a high 6-figure income — he grew increasingly dissatisfied with the repetitive manual labor and long hours required by a sales career.In 1995, Michael founded (and is currently President of) Group M Marketing, Inc., located in Austin, Texas. Group M publishes more than 40 different books, manuals, home study courses, business toolkits, and licensing packages. Group M’s customers and members number in the tens of thousands, and are located throughout the U.S., Canada and 12 other countries.In 1996, Michael began working very closely with the legendary direct marketing consultant and author, Dan Kennedy, and was one of the first original members invited into Mr. Kennedy’s Platinum Inner Circle Mastermind Group. In 1999, Michael acquired exclusive worldwide rights to the entire catalog of Dan Kennedy’s information products, including “The Magnetic Marketing System,” and has earned millions of dollars selling those products via direct mail and the Internet.

Michael is so well-respected as an innovative, successful leader in direct-response marketing and copywriting that entrepreneurs routinely pay him $4,900 to attend his two-day “Office Field Trips” when offered at his office in Austin.

Michael is the author of a number of information products, including the “Instant Online Business-Building Toolkit,” “77 Little-Known Offline Marketing Techniques & Secrets For Promoting Any Product, Service, Business, or Website,” “eBay Riches Done for You,” “Instant Publisher,” “The Most Powerful Marketing Strategies Ever Written For Small Business Owners,” and “Cash Now: Finding & Wholesaling Houses For Fast Profits.” He also produces the “REI Marketer Of The Month” Interview Series.

-Michael Kimble
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